Clutch ‘N’ Clean Giveaway! (Ends May 20th)

Let’s be honest. There is nothing fun or stylish about baby wipes. They’re baby wipes, plain and simple.  I don’t think that they’re supposed to live up to any other standards besides doing a great job at cleaning babies’ bums. Well, that was before Huggies designed the Clutch ‘N’ Clean Wipes. Talk about taking baby wipes to the next level! If you see how these wipes look, you’ll know what I mean. Let’s just say they are cool enough to be hung in handsome baby Axel’s room.

I hang the wipes right next to his changing station so that I’m always prepared with these fun stylish wipes within arms reach. 

CCGIVEAWAYIf you’re a mommy, you know how important it is to carry baby wipes everywhere! Since joining the motherhood’s club, I’ve learned that baby wipes are way more versatile than I’ve ever imagined. I use them to clean food spills, toddler’s hands and face, and even to clean my bling! Believe it or not, baby wipes do a pretty darn good job at making my jewel sparkly. And now that I can carry the wipes in style?! Sign me up.

I’ve teamed up with Huggies to give TWO mommies a chance to try out these fun and stylish wipes.



1. Be a follower of LZM and like LZM on Facebook.

3. Leave a comment! Besides wet diapers, what else do you use baby wipes for?

ENTRY DEADLINE- TUESDAY MAY, 20TH MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME. THE WINNERS (chosen at random) WILL BE ANNOUNCED HERE ON MY BLOG WEDNESDAY MAY, 21ST. You will have 48hrs to claim your prize, if not, you forfeit the prize. Please check back to see if you’ve won.

** Open to US  readers 18yrs and older. GOOD LUCK!!

* Thanks Huggies for sponsoring those post!


12 thoughts on “Clutch ‘N’ Clean Giveaway! (Ends May 20th)

  1. I haven’t read your blog for about 2 years since your first trip to Paris with your little girl and I just realised you have a baby boy now! Congrats! Time flies… And you’ll still look lovely. Best wishes!


  2. While shopping the other day my friend accidentally rubbed up against something black and got it all over her new shirt, I handed her a baby wipe from my bag and it took all the black crud off immediately…so handy!


  3. I use wipes for almost everything that needs to be cleaned or wiped down. I have literally cleaned and dusted my whole house right before company was coming over with a pack of wet wipes. In the car, they are great for cleaning up spills and also removing lint, weird. I almost use them to remove my makeup at night before I do my full skin regimen! I love wipes!


  4. Unfortunately I’m past the diaper stage (would like to change that though LOL) but I still buy diaper wipes, they come in great even though the children are 12, 9 and 7 for long trips where we might eat fast food and need a way to clean up before and after. Baby wipes aren’t just for babies.


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