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Today I shot a cover for my Facebook page. It’s been a very very long time since I’ve done something like this. Last time was probably over a yr ago when I styled a header shot for LZM. I think it’s important when you create a header image to keep it representative of who you are. I’m fairly happy with how the cover image came out, it truly depicted me as a person. I am a lover of macarons, peonies, tea, pale pink lip colors, and as you may know, completely accessory obsessed.

pstylingAfter gathering my favorite items and strategically laying them out on top of a white marble countertop, I was ready to shoot. Although I wanted to showcase all the things I covet, the goal was to keep the image stylish and fairly simple.

Below is the layout.

the layout

And with some photoshop magic, I changed the Ipad image. Here’s the final cover look:

t2I don’t have a photography/design degree, I do it b/c it’s my passion. I guess I also have an innate eye to make things look pretty! See how it looks on my actual FB page here.Β 

Happy Wednesday.


12 thoughts on “Photo Styling

  1. Beautiful – I like the spacing between the objects. It allows them to each take centre stage in their own little section of the photo! πŸ™‚


  2. Your pictures are always great! Are you reading/watching any photography tutorials or courses online that you can recommend? I have a passion for photography, too and am currently trying to improve my skills on a technical level…


    1. Hi Jana-

      Sorry! I don’t know of any online tutorials. Everything I know about design programs and photography is either self taught or through my husband (who self teaches himself too). Occasionally, I would watch youtube videos on a certain area that I’m unfamiliar with but it would be any channel that pops up.

      Good luck!


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