A Le Zoe Morning

Lucky for me, I have a husband who enjoys cooking. During the summer time, I’ll have homemade pastas and ice cream to look forward to. This past weekend, he made a savory quiche for breakfast. It was a team effort, Zoey helped with making a flaky butter crust and whipping eggs. The quiche consisted of baby bella and porcini mushrooms topped with bacon bits.

My mornings tend to be a bit hectic. Up before 5am to start typical mommy duties. By 9am, the house is quiet and I am alone with Axel. While bebe takes his morning nap, I’ll have some me time for breakfast, more cleaning, and blogging! I’m savoring this routine b/c in just two short weeks, I’ll be back in the workforce.

Today’s breakfast included a slice of leftover quiche and a cup of Vietnamese coffee. No Monday morning blues here!

QUICHEEnjoy your morning!


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