“I’m Sad.”

Zoey does not have a problem telling us exactly how she feels. Some mornings, she would wake up and shout “I’m happy!” out of the blue. This was not one of those times. This time, she was ‘sad’ and it happened to be while we were trying to shoot pictures of her and the baby together. It was a complete disaster, baby kept crying and Zoey just wasn’t in the mood. But b/c she was just so adorable when she’s ‘sad’, I had to capture her while she was having a moment.

One day, she will thank me for all these lovely pictures.

zoey1This is so hard for me to believe, but Zoey is going to preschool next month. How is that possible? Wasn’t she just a baby yesterday?!


18 thoughts on ““I’m Sad.”

  1. She will be grateful for these photos. Zoey is just too cute! To think she actually calls out her mood. I don’t think I ever did that… well, maybe to myself once or twice, but not out loud.


  2. Hi Kellie! May I know what camera you are using? You’re pics are just soooo amazing! Wonderful shots! I also have a baby and am inspired to take nice pictures of him too. πŸ™‚


  3. Although she is sad she still looks lovely. Humans with all kinds of emotions. I love the second to last photo. She looks like she is deep thoughts! πŸ’— Yes, they grow way too fast. Photos to capture the moment in time. Ohh beautiful Zoey!


  4. Beautiful daughter and so sweet! Those photos captured such a special part of her. That’s great that you turned the photo shoot around and caught a fleeting moment so perfectly.


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