Friday City Work Attire

I love working in the city especially during these warm months. On my way home, there are always a slew of food trucks and/or cute art shops parked outside the T station. Although I don’t stop to enjoy what these local artists and cooks have to offer (I’m always in a rush), their presence is very much appreciated. They add to the city’s vibrant vibe.

What’s more enjoyable at the end of a work day is walking to the T in the presence of Brittany Fischer. Brit is our Beauty Editor and a coworker from heaven. Last Friday, we shared her headsets, strutted the streets, and jammed (aka sang loudly like it’s nobody’s business) to Grace Potter & The Nocturnals- Stars.

As we parted ways, she suggested that I get some cookies from The Cookie Monstah food truck for Zoey. Sure, I can handle that. I got the salted caramel and chocolate chunk. Let’s just say Zoey took a tiny bite and I devoured the rest. That wasn’t part of my healthy lifestyle plan!

fridayOn Friday, Brit snapped these pics of my outfit (she actually didn’t have a choice!). Nowadays, I don’t usually wear my hair down and def. don’t have time to curl it but the lovely L.Lush was kind enough to style my hair and gave it some luscious wavy locks using The Bombshell curling iron. This in combination with the leopard cardigan inspired my red pout, a huge no no for the typical me. I feel extremely self conscious with a bold lip.

Thanks for reading about the random parts of my life!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


10 thoughts on “Friday City Work Attire

  1. Love it and warm weather. Ironically just did a similar post myself. Yay for casual, fab work clothes!


  2. This post, along with several of your others, makes me miss living in Boston. I hope one day I get to return and live there again as a working adult. What a fantastic city and culture.


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