Behind the scenes at Gloss48

You know that job that you’ve always dream of? Well, I have that job. No, seriously I do. I wake up WANTING to go to work and when I get there, the day flies by.

Monday blues? Not a chance.

There are a handful of reasons why this is the job of my dreams. First, my colleagues are just plain and simple- awesome! We work hard (hello meetings, brainstorming sessions, & product upload marathons!) but still have so much fun together. Everyday at the office is different. Just the other day, we found Mara curling her hair (without a mirror!!) while checking her emails. Here’s proof. Yep, girl got skillzzzz. Secondly, I LOVE what I do which is a true blessing. When you love what you do then you’re not really working, per se. Last but not least, we have an amazing office. I mean AMAZING. Chocolate drawers, bagel Wednesdays, Steve from Black Magic Coffee, snack cabinets, city views, a free soda vending machine, bright red chairs, etc, etc, etc….

It’s totally typical that our desks are inundated with the best niche beauty products. Teas and lattes are staples.  And every so often, we’ll enjoy a box or two of macarons. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. 

g48Looks like an office space from a magazine spread, right? Except for it isn’t.

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9 thoughts on “Behind the scenes at Gloss48

  1. I can’t resist commenting on what an awesome place you guys work in. I mean, looks like a very beautiful office and I like the view through the window. 🙂 Also, the way you write about your workday is inspiring.


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