Bouncy Bombshell Hair Tutorial

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with Loren Lush. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she’s drop dead gorgeous with GORGEOUS MIND-BLOWING hair. Yep, some people really do have it all. Sighhhhh…

But Loren’s not that kind of gal who keeps her beauty secrets hidden. I created this video of her skillfully (and effortlessly) transforming her hair from straight to stunning! It’s sooo Victoria Secret worthy and as Brittany Fischer (our beauty editor) puts it, “Pair with a bold red lip and you’ll look like a super sexy pin-up version of yourself.”


Watch and see. (Click on HD for best viewing)

Looks easy peasy, right? Well, it is. The secret weapon is The Bombshell curling rod by Sultra. It’s featured now for a discounted price on our site, Gloss48.

Snatch it while you can!


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