Join The Cult

Although this has been one of the busiest weeks at work for me, it has also been extremely memorable and fun. Each week during our content meeting, we brainstorm ideas about how to best showcase upcoming beauty brand partners. In order to do this, we create creative content which airs on the same day that the brands are being featured. When Cult Nails officially landed on our launching calendar, we knew we had to think outside the box and do something pretty unique. If you know anything about Cult Nails, they have an insane following. We possibly couldn’t let them down.

After many weeks of throwing out ideas, we concluded on one thing. We were going to make this ridiculously silly video about ‘Joining the Cult’ and breaking out of the “mani manotony”.  It is pretty ridic! How often do you see me in gold chains, rapper hats, rockin’ beats, and wearing grillz?!?!


As seen on instagram:

cult nails

Here’s the video with our team in action. “You’re Welcome!” because this will probably make your day.


4 thoughts on “Join The Cult

  1. I always thought that rapping is easy to do & that rappers are not talented. This video proved me wrong! LMAO


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