Friday Lunch Date

Because Brittany Fischer is the best co-worker a girl can I ever ask for, I wanted to treat her to a lunch date. “Pick a place, any place. Today is your day.” I said. Her choice? Battery Park. This place is truly a hidden gem just a few steps from our office. Walk too swiftly and you may miss it. The seating area is located in a narrow alleyway between two tall brick buildings.

It was a treat for the both of us as we often devour our lunches at our desks or in meetings. BF wanted a place where we can sit, enjoy the outdoors, and chit-chat about just everything- from babies to bars. You see, BF is this gorgeous blonde hair, blue-eyed chic living up the single city life. Whereas for myself- I’m married with two babies. We can’t be more opposite or get along any better.

Here’s a few snippets from our Friday lunch date:

battery parkEnjoy your weekend!


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