DIY: Elderflower Berry Ginger Sparkling Water

Zoey has been extremely helpful in the kitchen.  This morning she helped daddy make scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes.  Later today, she took it upon herself to recreate mommy’s newly invented flavored drink- Elderflower Berry Ginger Sparkling Water.

Since the days have been significantly cooler (low temps in the 60’s), it feels more like Fall. I am not ready to let summer go and need to hold on to anything that is reminiscent of it. This infused sparkling water is just the perfect summer thirst quencher. 

Sparkling water keeps you hydrated, blueberries are full of antioxidants, elderflower has anti-inflammatory properties, and ginger is an energy booster. What is there not to love?  Plus if my (almost) 3 yr old toddler can whip this up, so can you!

Below, Zoey (sportin’ a high bun) shows you how:

zsw zsw2zsw3Hope you’ll try this healthy and delicious beverage! I always freeze fruits prior to making drinks with them. This way, you’ll need less ice to keep the drinks cold. Don’t forget to muddle the blueberries a bit to release its juices and add a handful of ice at the end to make it super cold and refreshing!


7 thoughts on “DIY: Elderflower Berry Ginger Sparkling Water

  1. Your daughter is adorable! I’ll have to try your recipe out on my little one this summer when he’s a bit older. By the way, where do you buy her outfits? I’m always on the hunt for cute kids clothes. I have a 17-month old boy.

    Sonia x

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