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Bedroom Brunch

When I first saw the cover of Conde Nast Traveler back in December 2013, I was inspired. Very inspired. Immediately, I wanted a ‘Tea for Two’ corner somewhere in my house.  I was obsessively attracted to the French feel of the space.  Did a little homework and found out that The Champagne Bar’s (@ Plaza Hotel NYC) interior was inspired by Louis XV style of French decor.  Naturally, I was addicted.  After all, I’m living in the home of my dreams and its architectural style is from the French Second Empire era.


As the tea-sipping season is fast approaching, it was imperative that my dream sitting area comes to life.  I can already imagine it. The perfect Autumn day- I am snuggled in a cozy fuzzy robe, reading a novel, sipping on chai lattes, in my perfect little “Tea for Two” corner.

Thanks to Mr. Perfect, this imagined corner has become a reality. The hubs found a pair of antique barrel chairs on craigslist for just $100 total. Then we went to an antique market, where we picked up a marble/brass table for basically next to nothing at $20! There are definitely times when the stars and moon align oh so perfectly.

bbWe set up this sitting space in our bedroom and although it’s bare bones right now (missing a rug + curtains), I can see it as being one of my favorite spots in the house. Like her momma, Zoey is already obsessed. We’ve already had a few tea parties with her play tea set.

And as promised, mommy set up a utensils-free brunch for Ms. Zoey. I’m glad that mommy and me share the same interests!

bb5bb3bb2BB6bb4aIt has been a year since we’ve moved into our home. The renovations are in full swing and we are slowly but surely decorating space by space, room by room. It’s a slow process but we are making sure that each room fits our personal taste. No interior designers here, just me and Mr. Perfect doing what we love and saving A LOT along the way. I hope you’ll continue to follow me through this home reno journey and grab some ideas along the way.

Btw, have you noticed the new LZM site?

Happy Labor Day!




  1. I really love the idea with those chairs and the round table in the bedroom so I will steal it. Already have a nice, vintage like white round table. All I need is two colorful chairs. 😉 I really like your blog. You have very nice things here. 🙂


  2. Wow, I’m so jealous of this space, it’s gorgeous, and the height of the window is awesome. Your daughter is gorgeous, love the b&w photo of her xxx


  3. Firstly, I wanna say, loving your new layout and blog style~ It’s beautiful! As beautiful as your pictures. And then, I wanna say, Zoey is indeed your daughter~ brought up by you, I would be surprised if she didn’t like tea sessions. I think you taught her to love it, which is excellent.


  4. Aja

    Such a cute idea and I love the execution. I can’t wait to see it with the curtains and rug. Beautiful little space to escape to in your own home. 🙂


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