Smoked Salmon + Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites

How many of us have spent countless hours pinning decor, food, or fashion ideas onto our Pinterest boards only to hope ONE DAY we would actually turn those ideas into reality? Count me in.

I started to challenge myself to recreate something from Pinterest at least once a month.  It has to be simple and fairly quick with zero to minimal prepping time.  Nowadays, I live minute by minute and each minute has to count.

When I stumbled upon these smoked salmon + cream cheese cucumber bites from BakerByNature, I knew this was one I can handle. I made these petite bites one night after work and they were really fast to assemble.


My version included English cucumber (no peeling b/c I like the crunch), whipped cream cheese, and smoked sockeye salmon embellished with dill and capers.  Finally, I topped them off with these adorable mini forks.


They were soo yummy and served as perfect little starters.  Hope you’ll join me in challenging yourself to recreate something from your Pinterest boards.  Would love to check out what you’ve done so please share the link in the comment box.

What do you think about my inspired recreation? Please share your thoughts!

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15 thoughts on “Smoked Salmon + Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites

  1. lol i know the feeling! I was hooked on DIY stuff and would keep trolling through them!! Finally yesterday I did some DIY finally myself and feeling so accomplished!!! 😉


  2. I love how simple and elegant these bites are. What a great idea! Also, since I normally read your posts in a reader, this is the first time I’ve seen your new blog design. I like the revamp and the spaces to highlight your excellent photographs. 🙂


  3. I love this idea and have been craving smoked salmon! I love Pinterest too! I have tried a few things from there but my creations don’t seem to come out as well! These look easier, and with more style!


  4. That is a brilliant idea!!! I am totally going to try this challenge, too! I have so much awesome stuff on my pinterest boards but as soon as I pinned them there, I forget about them! It is about time to change that!!! Thanks for this great idea!

    PS: I love the new blog design!!!


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