Bar Cart Love

The next mini-project on my list is to make over a dull boring bar cart.  As I browsed through Pinterest for inspirations, I discovered that the use of bar carts are limitless.  Not only can you use them for drinks + entertaining but also as bedside tables, bath carts, or even as bookshelves.

As I dug deeper and deeper into the pages of Pinterest for bar cart styling ideas, I was convinced that my life would be simplified if I were to have a couple of these stylish versatile wheeled tables around.  Yes, I would do anything to make life less cluttered and more simple.

Click on image for source. 


The Cottage Market: Take Five: Unique Kitchen Accessories


Does it get any better than this sequin pillow, adorable bar cart (with peonies too!) and glam Moroccan pouf? We can't imagine it does.

a few snips of a tree branch makes a beautiful last minute centerpiece anyone can do

Nordstrom, Home, Bedroom, Dyptique, Scented, Candles, Jonathan Adler, Black and White, Stripe, Dolls, Canister, Zebra, Jewelry, Dish, Tray, Kate Spade, Flower, Vase, Dotted, Picture, Frame, Bar Cart, Stripe, Straws, White, Chevron, Cotton, Bedding, Duvet, Bed, Fancy Another, Pink, XO, Accent, Pillow, Equipment, Silk, Leopard, Shorts, Old Navy, You Me Oui, Tee, T-Shirt, Caitlin Lindquist, A Little Dash of Darling, #darlingathome, Fashion, Blog, Blogger, Gold Bar Cart, Interior Design, Decor, Under $200,

my scandinavian home: Vintage and mid-century drinks trolleys for a refreshing Valentine's Day!

Design Chic - love a brass bar cart!

Bar Carts...I feel like I may need one with big wheels so I can take it from the dining room, to the porch, to the tub...not just to sit in the corner and look pretty.

Gold bar cart turned bath cart...

Decor up and not out if your apartment's blueprint would fit on a postage stamp. | via @theaestate

bar cart

What is your take on bar carts?  Please share!

Also, stay tuned for my bar cart makeover.

If you are planning to incorporate one of these in your home, follow my Bar Cart Pinterest Board for more great ideas…



5 thoughts on “Bar Cart Love

  1. This makes me want to have a bar cart! My Mother-in-law has a old wooden one she keeps outside ( NO! ) and I always want to steal it but right now in our tiny house we have no room. When we move I am definitely stealing it and making it mine. Great Post!


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