The last post that I’ve shared about our dining room makeover was the DIY Tea-Space as seen here.  Well, here’s another mini-DIY project that we’ve recently just finished. It was a lot of back and forth about what to put on this little blank corner wall. I initially wanted to hang a picture of the family but after second-guessing myself, I thought of hanging a chalkboard instead.

I’ve always wanted a chalkboard somewhere…preferably in the kitchen. But then I thought- why not in the dining room? After all, isn’t this THE place where everyone gathers? Plus, imagine showcasing dinner party menus right on the board during the holiday entertaining season.

The decision was settled.  DIY chalkboard it is.  Knowing us, we would never splurge on a fancy one.  Also, shopping for a chalkboard just seems a little silly. So it was a family affair. My husband built the chalkboard using casings mouldings (wall/window trimmings from home depot) and fiberboard (also from home depot). Zoey helped with applying the chalkboard paint.  After all was said and done, I wrote a little “Home is here” message on the board. To me, it’s another way of saying “Home Sweet Home.”

diy chalkboard

diy chalkboard6


diy chalkboard5

I love how the gold and black board pops against the white wall. Also, here’s a little trick- to make the white chalk really stand out, write on the board while it’s a little wet. Wipe it down first with a damp rag prior to writing and when it dries, the white letters will be whiter and more crisp.

On a side note, little by little, I’ve begun to add fall touches to our home.  I will share those in a later post.  Also to come, our complete dining room makeover.

If you are contemplating  whether or not to make your own chalkboard- I say, “Go for it!”



11 thoughts on “DIY: CHALKBOARD

  1. I love this idea! Felt a little ting of sadness when I saw the Boston, MA (my boyfriend is moving there this weekend for grad school and I’m staying here for grad school and it’s going to be tough.

    I’m definitely thinking that once I have the time I’m going to do this!


    1. Michelle- don’t worry, it’s gonna be tough but def not impossible. My hubs and I dated 8 yrs long distance and now we are married with two kids. Stay strong and don’t give up if you think it’s worth it! Kellie

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  2. It’s such a weird thing! Don’t think you will believe me, Kelly! I actually dreamt of you two nights ago…actually closer to waking up in the morning yesterday *_^ It was so real and vivid. I dreamt of you inviting me to your home, but such an odd thing is that your home looks so different from your actual one! It’s actually by the sea and boat comes right up to your door steps delivering fresh produces! No joke!!

    A very different sort of space, more mediterranean set-up and there was a really beautiful ocean view kind of window to the house! Oh gosh, can’t believe that.

    Such an out-of-this world kind of dream. I woke up thinking to myself, how come I dreamt of you, Kelly, of all the people whom I know *_^

    Well, I take it as a good sign of our virtual “friendship” haha



  3. Awesome idea! So simple and compliments the whole space *_^ Loving your blog, been following. Keep up the awesome work, though it’s quite a challenge with a full time job (and an even more so demanding fuller time job as mother of two! I totally understand!)

    You have a real lovely home (and family too *_^)

    With love,
    Jeann from Malaysia


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