Yep, He’s 6 Months!

I can’t believe it but Baby Axel is really 6 months old! He’s the calmer version of Ms. Zoey who is much like her mommy. Passionate and fierce. Axel on the other hand, resembles daddy who is very laid back.

He has disowned the paci but loves his thumb. Eats like a man. The happiest kid in daycare. Can’t fit any hats his size- his daddy says he has a big brain. Capable of sitting with minimal support. Talks to himself all the time. As handsome as can be.

axel le

axel le 2

axel le 3

I can’t wait for all his next milestones…

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5 thoughts on “Yep, He’s 6 Months!

  1. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already! Babies grow up so fast. My friend’s is almost 9 months now and you just have to wonder where all the time goes. Baby Axel is so cute! Congratulations!


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