Ever since joining the motherhood club, me-time has become a very rare commodity. It has also taken on a whole new meaning. I don’t go to salons or spas to get pampered. In all honesty, I’ve never been that kind of girl. Shopping doesn’t delight me anymore because it defeats my decluttering mindset. I’ve been trying to declutter for over a year and am still working on it. You are talking about a girl who used to hoard easily over 2 dozen pairs of jeans at any given time to now owning a measly stash of 4. I haven’t bought a new piece of clothing since I was pregnant with Axel- he’s now almost 7 months.

This doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t enjoy life’s other mini-luxuries. I love some quiet time, sipping on hot beverages, enjoying a good read, and indulging in fancy petite sweets.Β  This type of experience for me is far more zenful and what I would rather crave for me-time. The bebe hasn’t been feeling well and has been out of daycare for almost a week now. Today I worked half day and spent the latter half home with him. While he napped, I snuck in some me-time. I’m finally halfway through a beaten paperback book that I’ve started on over a year ago. Yes, it’s a bit insane but finding the time to read doesn’t come quite often.




I think me-time is important to maintain sanity and just to reset your balance.Β  Please share what you do to decompress!

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13 thoughts on “Me-Time

  1. I can totally relate. I followed your blog after you liked one of my old blog entry (femme & homme which blog I no longer continue) but l didn’t find time after I had my son and after two years on, I started following your blog again only to realised you had your 2nd child already!! How time flies!!! I wish you well.


  2. So glad you are able to find some you-time. It think it’s important to set some time for yourself if it’s just 10 mins to be able to breathe.


  3. I am going through a lot of changes this year, I might be growing up! πŸ˜‰ And instead of going to the mall and spending all my money unwisely I rather drink a cup of tea and read a good book. Blogging is me-time for me also. I am in my own little world with my own friends from around the world that nobody from my real life really knows. When I need to unwind I take my care and drive through the countryside. Just me, my car and my music.


  4. I am with you on the declutter wagon but for different reasons I am sure! I do love that I don’t shop as much and it gives me time to appreciate and take care of the things I have instead of piling more stuff on! It’s very free-ing having less things. I too have been reading a whole lot more these days, and even though I do have an iPad i enjoy my paper packs as well! Hope baby feels better very soon! Xoxo


  5. As much as I like going out and getting pampered, I very much enjoy sitting back with tea and a book or movie and just having time for myself.


  6. Yes, me-time is often overlooked once you are a mom of growing up kids! So much to look into but yourself. Good to see that you manage to do so, despite having to attend to your son…

    Lovely pictures taken and nice nail colour:)) These sweet little things are just not my fancy as they are too sweet, but always love a good slice of cake and coffee, anytime *_^ Listening to music and writing on my blog are some of the ways I decompress *_^

    Have a great weekend ahead!



  7. Absolutely loved those photos and how you started the post. I’m the same, for me me-time almost always consists of a cup of tea and my couch, either watching tv or doing something on my laptop. After reading this though, i’m inspired towards screen-free me-time.. sigh. Thanks for doing this post.


  8. Good for you that you’re taking the time to decompress! It helps you recharge, stay balanced, and be a good mom. I love to go to the beach, read, and take a nap to relax and decompress. And nothing beats good ol’ vegging with a Lifetime movie every blue moon πŸ™‚


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