My Fall Office Outfit

My mornings are usually extremely hectic until I hit the office at 8:30am.

I typically get up anywhere between 5:30am-6am depending on when the alarm (a.ka. Mr. Axel) squeals.  We drop the kids off around 7:45am-8am and then all the commotion stops when I am sitting at my desk.  For me, being at work is an exhilaration. No more mommy duties, kids screaming…

Lately, it has been one sick kid after another. Can you relate?

It is only when I’m finally in the office that I can breathe that sigh of relief. YES! Another successful marathon morning. Kids are safe and sound at daycare and I can focus on me – professionally.  Mornings at the office is probably my favorite time of the day- I begin the work day by checking emails, listening to my pandora station, and sipping my tea of choice.

Because I’m always on the run and carrying the kids in and out of the car, I usually opt for office wear that are comfy and breathable. In the fall, that means layering with stretchy pieces, walkable boots, and topping them off with fluffy things.

IMG_0896 kevkolo2r

Tuesday’s office attire included a high bun (almost always), a stretchy cotton dress, fleece leggings, cap-sleeve faux fur vest, knee-high boots, loads of accessories, and as always – finish off with an oversized bag.

office 2

This morning in particular will be challenging as the hubs is taking an early morning train to NYC for a day business trip. This means that I’m flying solo for the morning rush. On the other hand, my sister is flying into town today and I’m very excited to have her!

What is your fall office wear of choice? Please share.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by…



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