After Work Stroll

Out of all my sisters, my sis X and I are the closest in age. We grew up doing everything together. During our high school years, we would walk an hour each way to and from school everyday.  The school bus didn’t run through our neighborhood. I remember us hopping, skipping, and singing our way to school and back home. We entertained ourselves to make the daily commute less dreadful. And believe me, it was pretty dreadful at times – especially during the brutal bitter winter.

She was the one who had introduced me to my first thrift store experience. One day, she urged me to go inside this little hidden gem on our way home and it was there that I’ve purchased my first thrift store item. It was a Christian Dior blazer which must have been extremely cheap since we were pretty poor back then.

During the holidays, we would make homemade gifts for all of our other seven siblings. We weren’t fortunate enough at that time to spend money on anything really. We got really creative and glue two toilet paper rolls together to make a ‘telescope’ among other things. We were in elementary school at this time.

Fast forward to today, decades later, many things have changed but our sisterly bond has not. She is visiting and we are spending much needed time together. Bonding over cafe and picnic dates. Today after work, we took a stroll around my neighborhood. Here are some random snippets along our path…



I can’t complain where life has led us. I’m truly blessed to be living in my dream city with my perfect little family. And she is doing what she loves and having the freedom to travel as she wishes.

Sister bonding- it’s a remarkable thing.

Good night world!



7 thoughts on “After Work Stroll

  1. Love the post and the pictures; especially the last photo displaying the shadows of you and your sister!


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