Kale Edamame Salad

I’ve never really been a salad girl- until I had kids. Your metabolism doesn’t function the same as it used to pre-baby. I can’t say that I’m still one of those lucky gals who can eat like a beast, doesn’t exercise, and manage to maintain a flat tummy.

I’d rather change my eating habits (a little) than hit the gym. I’ve been eating salads almost every single day for lunch. It can get boring and dull quick as I’m the type of person who really (reallyyyyyyyyyy) loves salty, spicy foods. Another salad bummer? It typically doesn’t keep me full so I’m always craving for something else.

But recently I’ve been preparing this Kale Edamame salad and it’s both hearty and tasty. Not boring in the least bit and keeps my tummy satisfied for hours.

kale edamame salad

Basically, I toss all of the above ingredients in a bowl with a honey lime vinaigrette dressing.  Couscous is a new thing for me. This is the third time that I’ve cooked it and I think third time’s a charm. The first two times came out too mushy.

Here’s how I make the couscous: 1) sautee a small diced onion with olive oil for about 5 mins 2) add one cup of couscous, stir couscous/onion mixture until couscous is lightly browned and fragrant 3) add two cups of water 4) bring to a boil and turn heat down, let simmer for 20 mins while stirring occasionally.

What are your favorite salads to make- please share.  And I hope you’ll give this one a try!



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