DIY Gold Pumpkins

I have the fondest memories of Halloween growing up. It was always a holiday that we look forward to each year. Our entire neighborhood transformed into something quite magical, slightly spooky, and so spectacular just for one night. And like magic- poof! everything returns to normal the very next morning.

And since then, I’ve never experienced any other Halloween like those of my childhood years. That was until we moved into the home of our dreams last year. Halloween in this neighborhood is a big deal. The streets get closed down so that the annual parade can start promptly at 5:30pm. From there, the kids can go to ‘spooky but not scary’ haunted houses that the neighborhood committee sets up. After that, the trick-or-treating madness begins with over three thousand trick-or-treaters. Imagine how much candy we have to buy!

This year will be super fun b/c Zoey’s aunts and uncles are coming into town.  We also get to meet baby Harper for the first time. And since Halloween is just around the corner, we don’t have that much more time to prepare. Today, we made different styled gold pumpkins. It was a fun and creative afternoon spent with the kiddos.





I made the gold striped pumpkin with gold spray paint while Zoey painted hers using a small roller and gold water-based acrylic paint. Mine looks better with as crisp and clean lines as possible. Whereas Zoey’s design is the messier the better.




We set up a pumpkin table in the dining room.  We are going to use this table to serve sweets and such come Halloween day!




19 thoughts on “DIY Gold Pumpkins

  1. That DIY project came out great! I absolutely love the black & white images they give the home such a posh look. You seem to have great style and a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

    Be Blessed!



      1. Wanted to say thanks again! I ended up buying the chair 2 years back and it has been a life saver


  2. OMG – I want your house so badly – it’s absolutely beautiful, you are so lucky! Halloween sounds awesome in your neighborhood to. Great decorated pumpkins xxx


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