Holiday Prep

How do you prep your home for the holidays? We usually decorate with lights, garlands, poinsettias, and wreaths. Oh and of course it wouldn’t be complete without festive holiday music softly humming  in the background- nonstop.

Today, we dug out some holiday stuff that’s been hibernating in the basement for the past year. These included 9 pre-lit wreaths, one for each front window.  It’s so much fun seeing how the kids get so excited for the season. Zoey danced and pranced around the stacked wreaths.



However, it’s not all fun and games. Before any of the jolly decorative stuff goes up, we usually give our house a semi-deep cleaning.  Mopping the hardwood floors is not one of my most favorite tasks although this chore was made much easier with a new tool that I’ve recently discovered- the Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop. It’s light, swivels, and comes with a cleaning solution attachment. Anything to make my mommy life a little easier- please! 


Andddddddd you can’t prep for the holidays without yummy holiday treats. Zoey and I have been baking cookies after dinner. It’s one of those things that she looks forward to almost every night now. Today we made chocolate peppermint cookies sprinkled with a little gold sugar.



Happy Holidays! I looking forward to sharing more holiday posts…

* Thanks Bona for sponsoring this post. Click here for a $3.00 OFF coupon this non-toxic, no residue cleaner. Get sparkly floors in time for the holidays! 




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