The Graham & Brown Decision

Although at times our home renovation process feels overwhelming, hopeless, and never-ending; there is light at the end of the tunnel! After a long and excruciating 6 month work on the exterior, it’s going to be completed by the end of next week. We’ve had three major projects happening simultaneously and I guess it would be unrealistic to not experience any setbacks.

But it’s not all purely frustration, there’s an exciting home decor collaboration in the works.  LZM Home has teamed up with  Graham & Brown for a wallpaper project. It’s a bold move but I’ve entertained this idea since we first moved into our home. I’ve also been on the hunt for that perfect wallpaper design and I believe that I Graham & Brown has ‘the one’.

Our living room walls are currently a salmon color. I’m not sure what the previous homeowner was thinking when picking out this color. We are considering a gray palette. Somehow, somewhere we will integrate the wallpaper. And as you can see, the makeover has just begun. The walls are getting primed right now.



The wallpaper samples just came in and it’s making my decision more difficult. The colors and designs are much more vibrant and stunning in person.  Here are my final four picks:

CHOICESPlease share which design is your fav! Which one should I decide on? Links to the designs: Teal Desire, Tattoo, Berries, and Gold Desire.


I’m not certain how things will turn out as we have not picked out the final paint color or wallpaper design.  One thing is for sure, I’m not doing animal prints (as seen in the G&B catalog above)! It’s gorgeous but a little too daring for me.

Stay tuned for the final living room reveal!

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Have a wonderful Sunday.



16 thoughts on “The Graham & Brown Decision

  1. Are you using the paper on the panels alone or are you going to cover the entire wall? If you’re sticking to the panels, I suggest you go bold with either the teal or the gold damask. If you’re covering the whole wall, no. 2 seems a good choice. Best of luck with the renovation! 🙂


  2. I love #2. Your house is so awesome even without the renovations. I can’t wait until it’s all done being renovated to see the changes.


  3. #3 it is more subtle but has colour. It meshes with the predominantly white colour scheme and just feels lighter to me. That said, I have a soft spot for #4 also, very dramatic and opulent.


  4. Love #2 and #4………but would do #4 as the design is richly, but subtly, there. #2 is super nice but, possibly from a distance,there would be a “waffle” appearance with the ‘negative’ light spaces between the motifs. IMHO. Your place is made even more elegant by the dancing nymph!!!!!!! Hugs………………..


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