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Holiday Mantel/ Diy: Cranberry Candles

Although I would consider myself a tad bit craftier than the general population, I am no Martha Stewart. I would say that the things I create are fairly simple and very easy to replicate; that’s the end goal. Most of the time, I get ideas from what I see around the web. Creativity should be contagious and it can’t spread from one person to the next unless it’s inspiring and easy.

This past weekend, I worked on a mini decor project with Zoey. We transformed our mantel into a holiday masterpiece.  The main centerpiece was a collection of cranberry candles which we made in three easy steps. This project is extremely quick which is so perfect for the those who lack time or just plain ol’ lazy.

diy cranberry candles by le zoe musings 4

Can you imagine how holiday dinner affairs would be with these cranberry candles all lit up? Just glowy and heartwarming.

diy cranberry candles by le zoe musings 2

Below is our mantel deconstructed. Again, keep it simple!

diy cranberry candles by le zoe musings 3

And here’s me and my best friend. Because Zoey has declared one too many times, “Mommy, you are my best friend!”


Hope this post has motivated you to deck out your space for the holidays.

‘Til next time,




  1. I know I’m way late (catching up on some LZM today!), but how did you attach/hang the garland to the mantle? Hope you guys had a great Holiday season and Happy New Year!


  2. oh i am just in love with this idea! so simple, so classy, so heart-warming… thanks for the inspiration, kellie! happy holidays from way up in the west hills.


  3. Kajal.Khunti

    so simple but they look so elegant. quick question…when the candle is lite, does it send off a cranberry scent?(amazing if it did!)
    oh yes..and thank you for stopping by and liking (also love that your nails match the cranberries) take care.


    • Hi Heather. OMG. I am soooo obsessed with your site. I can’t believe you comment here. Stay inspiring! Have a wonderful day, Kellie


  4. OmGosh, this is simply beautiful and very inspiring!!! I love your DIY posts that you super cute BFF put together!!! I have to do this too, love! Xoxo


  5. Your artful presentation is a delight……..and it’s always a joy to see 2 BFFs enjoying time together! Your post is a bright and cheery spot on a day that’s somewhat dreary and most unlike a typical Minnesota mid-December day!!! Warm hugs……………..


      • A good day ahead……a time of presenting a mini Christmas piano time at the Winona(MN) hospital and a bit of shopping!!! Your place is dreamy……………..


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