Holiday Cards: from A to Z

Merry Christmas! Hope your day is filled with love and joy. May all your wishes come true…

Every Christmas I say to myself I would take the time to send out holiday cards and then it never happens. But now that the kids are in the picture, it’s a different story. Holiday cards have a new meaning- it’s chronicling the kids growth year after year. Zoey is at that age where she truly enjoys being creative and understands why we do certain things. Last week, Zoey helped with sending out X-mas cards to her aunts and uncles.

First things first. We had to shoot the kids and we needed a backdrop. I didn’t want anything crazy. Festive yes, but certainly not crazy. The vision was create a soft bokeh effect of white lights in the background. Executing this was fairly easy. All you’ll need are some white Christmas lights. Tape them up on a wall and shoot the subject sitting about 4 feet away from the wall.

Here’s the entire process from shooting baby holiday pics to sending off the cards. Enjoy!


baby holiday pics 3 by le zoe musings

holiday card by le zoe musingsI plan to make this an annual tradition with the kids. Perhaps next year, Axel will be old enough to help out with the cards! What are your favorite childhood holiday traditions? Please share!



17 thoughts on “Holiday Cards: from A to Z

  1. Oh yes………Axel to Zoey——perfect!!!! And I think that Zoey totally gets into this photo ‘thing’ but your “little man” is a tad apprehensive about the whole thing (making the outcome wonderfully appealing!!)!! I’m sure that next year at this time he will have made some major changes in how he views this “hubbub”!!! Thank you for sharing these precious moments, Kellie, and I do send along my wishes for a Joy-filled New Year!!!! Hugs from your Midwest “bloggy friend”………………………..


  2. This is such a beautiful thing to do with the kids! The bokeh effect was gorgeous and the cards are adorable!


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