Tea Chat + 2015 Resolution

First off- HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Like many, I can’t believe that 2014 is now behind us. It’s true, as you age, the years fly by faster and faster. My New Year’s resolution has been the same for the last couple of years. It is to declutter. To get rid of physical clutter in the home and negativity from the mind and soul. It’s all about achieving good feng shui and I have lots to learn.

Here’s a little Tea Chat session about life’s random tidbits:

* Living room renovation is going beautifully. Walls are painted and we are now in the process of installing wallpaper. To read about my wallpaper selection, click HERE.

* Zoey shocked me when she said “Mommy, you are my best friend annnnd true love.” What does a 3 yr old know about true love and how did she learn about that phrase?!! Welp, she tells me this everyday. It’s music to my ears.

* Swapping out all the silver flatware to gold ones. The gold obsession continues…

* That goal that we all have- to be able to give your parents whatever they desire in life? Well, we’ve achieved it this year. Hubs career has blossomed into something magnificent. It’s amazing what education, passion, and dedication can do. So so proud of my life partner.

* As the winter approaches, our roof deck installations are on hold. Hopefully by this coming summer, we will have a lower garden deck and a top one for entertaining- with city views galore. You know, cuz we fancy like that.

* Axel wakes up so many times a night that I swear he has insomnia. Is that possible with a 10 mth old?! We’re trying the crying it out method but are such wimps about it. Mothers- how do you sleep train your baby? What are your secrets?

* Are you a fellow blogger or owner of a creative brand who’s interested in a collaboration with LZM? Let’s connect and see if we are meant to be. Please click HERE to fill out a contact form.


Above are some of the things that make me smile.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Please share…



10 thoughts on “Tea Chat + 2015 Resolution

  1. I’m not sure if your Axel has insomnia, but Cupcake is almost the same age and we’re in the same boat! We finally gave in and were Ferber-izing her. The first few nights were so rough on me that I hid myself in the office (our most cluttered space) and cleaned out the whole thing! She now only wakes 2x a night to nurse, which is a huge improvement for us. You’re not alone!


  2. At 10 months your little one is likely to be going through a sleep regression because their little brain is so busy during the day learning all this new stuff that when they go to bed they can’t switch off. Like if you have been studying or out for the eve it is really hard to stop thinking and start sleeping and if you wake up in the night your brain just carries on where it left off. I have friends who tried crying it out, they had to keep doing it over and over as babies grow and change so quickly and it was a horrible experience for them. This is a method I have chosen to avoid, part of the programme of having a baby I think, sometimes it is hard but it passes. One of my twins can wake up to 8 times a night if she is going through something (you don’t always know what it is at the time) but it passes until the next tooth or stage. Try sticking to a routine, making sure they get naps when they need them at home where it is quiet and have a nice relaxing bedtime routine like dinner, bath, story and bed and if that fails just enjoy the extra cuddles with them in the night, they wont want cuddles forever….

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  3. Kids will be kids! I remember letting her cry it out one time and I decided to forget it! Not worth losing sleep. Just go with your gut instinct, though you might have a crowded bed for a bit.

    I like the gold flatware, it just suits you! Xoxo

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  4. YES! LOVE the gold flatware. Over the last few years I’ve aspired to gain my own collection. Are these a vintage find or new? Would love to know where you got them! And about Axel – I’ve really been getting into essential oils and immediately thought that you could rub a drop of lavender oil on his feet when he gets fussy or right before you lay him down. I’ve put it in my humidifier and it’s helped us sleep better. I’ve heard it works wonders on babies. I just got into selling them and thought I’d pass along my shop: http://www.mydoterra.com/brandiesellers/

    p.s. the photography is drool-worthy as always 🙂 I always love stopping by. Happy 2015!


  5. Happy New Year! I hope the crying it out works, I have three boys and my youngest (now 2) was the worst sleeper of the three – but found a little fresh air before bedtime and some classical music worked a treat.
    Love Claire


  6. “Crying it out” is (IMHO) THE most difficult thing for a mom to work through!!! I tried to wait just long enough so the little one didn’t connect his actions with my response. That seemed to change depending on the situation (and nighttime would be the more difficult cuz of everyone needing their sleep!). Hold fast to this little ‘nugget’: “This, too, shall pass” but, also, know that with the passing of one comes its replacement (these are the things that make life an adventure!!!). Many hugs to you and New Year’s Blessings, dear big city Friend……………………


  7. Happy New Year, Kellie! Zoey is such a little lady. She’s growing up so fast! Decluttering is a great resolution. What is milk tea exactly?:)



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