DIY: White Chocolate Heart Barks

This weekend Zoey and I worked on a little Valentine’s sweet treat project.  It was fairly quick and super easy. When I say quick & easy, please take my word for it.  No lie. This is coming from a mommy of two who is time-deprived and doesn’t spend more than 10 mins. on anything. Plus if my daughter Zoey, who’s 3 yrs old can make these, how hard can they be?!

I present to you White Chocolate Heart Barks. Of course we made these early so that you can make it on time for your special Valentine’s. Read on to learn how…

White Chocolate Heart Barks 4 by Le Zoe Musings
Aren’t these the cutest and prettiest chocolate hearts you’ve ever seen? Like ever?! A note on melting chocolate: Melting chocolate with a double boiler intimidates me so I used the microwave method. Call me lazy. Doesn’t matter. I start with putting half a cup of white chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 40 secs. Take out and stir. Heat for another 20 secs. Take out & stir again. Repeat the process until the chocolate has fully melted. It took me about 4 cycles of heating. This may vary depending on your microwave. Be careful to not overheat the chocolate otherwise it will become lumpy and grainy. It this case, add oil or butter to fix the consistency.

White Chocolate Heart Barks by Le Zoe Musings Above, in Step 1, I noted “place fillings of choice” into heart ice tray.  The truth is, this is a chocolate bark so you can use literally any fillings you’d like. There are endless combinations of dried berries & nuts. Because I used white chocolate, I wanted the fillings to really pop in color. I opted for pomegranate seeds and coarsely chopped pumpkin seeds & dark chocolate covered almonds. These should probably be consumed within two days and keep refrigerated since the pomegranate seeds are fresh. Use dried berries instead if you want to store them longer (or send them out to someone special long distance).

White Chocolate Heart Barks 2 by Le Zoe Musings

To make this treat truly healthy, substitute the white chocolate for dark chocolate. There! No reason NOT to make these…
White Chocolate Heart Barks 3 by Le Zoe Musings

Hope you’ll give these a try this Valentine’s Day. What’s a better gift than sweet treats made with love? Also, think wedding. These  are great for weddings too!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the Super Bowl! Go PATS.

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60 thoughts on “DIY: White Chocolate Heart Barks

  1. My God, they are sensational, so pretty! I have been thinking about creating something myself and giving it to my second half, those heart barks just stole my heart!


  2. These are simply beautiful and so elegant looking. Hard to believe how easy it looks.
    Definitely want to give these a try. (I especially like how this process allows the ingredients act like part of the design!


    1. Thanks! Please let me know how it goes and what ingredients you used. I’m def. gonna do a dark chocolate version too 🙂 Have a wonderful day! Kellie


      1. I’m thinking the pomegranate and dark chocolate & salt covered almonds, but the heart as white for contrast. I’ll definitely keep you posted. (Came across your blog via your like on Cutie Cameras!)


  3. Quick, delicious and exquisite. I mean, does it get any better. Excellent post!
    If I can find the heart-shaped mold here in the Philippines, I will try to make some!


    1. Hi Nadine- I love dark chocolate too! Also, they’re healthier. I’m gonna do a dark chocolate version. Thanks for stopping by and for all the comments on the other posts. Have a wonderful day! Kellie

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww! I’m craving! White chocos are simply the best! And take note that is is homemade, it is surely a special treat plus the effort than buying outside. 🙂


  5. These look beautiful, but I think you need to be careful about how long and how you store them, since fresh pomegranate seeds need to be stored in the refrigerator. For that pop of red colour it might be a good idea to go with chopped dried cranberries instead of something fresh if you want to make them ahead of time. Love the idea!


    1. Hi Marlene- I agree! These are to be consumed w/in 1 or 2 days while staying refrigerated. If to be sent out or stored longer, I would def. use dried cranberries. Thanks for stopping by! Kellie

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It’s so much more fun having your lil’ one help with these type of stuff. I can’t wait for you to experience it. It’s just a joy. Thanks for stopping by! Kellie

      Liked by 1 person

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