The Mobile Closet

Despite living in a somewhat spacious home, I don’t have the closet of my dreams- yet. My future closet still remains on the ‘to be renovated’ list. Currently, my clothes and accessories are scattered across several rooms. The classic morning dilemma is racking my brain and exerting way too much energy trying to find that one piece of jewelry. Yes, I have to wear that one. It never fails, it’s always the one that I can’t find. Familiar story among the female species, I’m sure.

Luckily, I found a temporary solution to the madness- a rolling clothes rack. It’s convenient and useful but more importantly; it’s mobile! Which means I can set it up wherever. All you need is a little spare space and you can quickly whip up a tiny cute ‘closet’. Add some finishing touches such as flowers and frames and it can easily turn into the closet of your dreams. Well- almost.

Here’s a glimpse of my little self-made closet space. It certainly doesn’t hold my entire wardrobe but it’s a start. If you live in the city with less square footage than desired, you may love this idea. This is also great for the minimalists who only own a few staple pieces.

The Mobile Closet by Le Zoe MusingsThe Mobile Closet 91 by Le Zoe MusingsThere is literally a home for every type of item in your closet.

The Mobile Closet 2 by Le Zoe Musings

The Mobile Closet 4 by Le Zoe Musings

The Mobile Closet 5 by Le Zoe Musings

Next to the clothes rack, I added a little side table to store additional stuff. I finished the space off with a few decor pieces to give it my personal touch.

The Mobile Closet 6 by Le Zoe Musings

The Mobile Closet 7 by Le Zoe Musings

Yep, tulips because I’m dying for Spring to arrive!

The Mobile Closet 8 by Le Zoe Musings

And here’s my best friend (& true love) making these shots so much more adorable.

The Mobile Closet 9 by Le Zoe Musings

The gist of it is, when you are sick and tired of the space- just grab and go!

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36 thoughts on “The Mobile Closet

  1. The hubby and I live in an old 1930’s Cape Cod and I’ve been thinking about doing this in the home office (who are we kidding, it’s really my room), this gives me great ideas. Thanks for the post, it is lovely.


  2. I have one of those clothing rails for my daughters’ bedroom – it has been sitting in a box for little over half a year. I am going to take some inspiration from this post and do something with it tomorrow. Thank you. P.S. Zoe is too-cute!


  3. This is a wonderful idea, Kellie. I need one. Presently, I have a wardrobe, which definitely isn’t the closet of my dreams, but I work with what I have. Thanks for the styling tips.


  4. I absolutely love this idea. So many of us struggle with closet space. And as you show us in your beautiful photos, our wardrobes can artistically add color and dimension to a space. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I love clothing racks. So easy and convenient–and for people who love showing off their clothes, they are almost better than a closed-off closet!


  6. I love this idea! It might also make me keep my stuff more organized since I’ll have to look at it instead of being able to just close the door.


  7. When I was working I had to be out the door by 5:45 am. A rolling rack saved me. I lined up a week’s worth of outfits for the kids and I. All accessories were in a little bag clipped to the hanger. I had extra stockings, static guard, hem tape, etc. in a clothes pin bag on the side. All shoes lined up underneath. I still have a soft spot for a rolling rack.


  8. The way you’ve rolled out the mobile closet in an unused corner is a good use of space. I have the same problem (lack of adequate closets) but my home also has a bit less of an open floor plan, with the exception of a spacious foyer with a 12-ft ceiling. (Haven’t figured out how to best use that room yet.) This post gives me ideas! Thank you 🙂

    (And you can stop by my little corner of the web at )


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