Lunar New Year ’15 (Year of the Sheep)

Have you ever wondered why the Chinese have a different New Year celebration? It’s because they follow the Lunar calendar as opposed to the Western (Gregorian) calendar system.  The Lunar calendar is simply one that is based on the cycles of the moon. Most traditional Chinese use the lunar calendar system to determine the best times to wed, plant, and hold religious festivals.

Although I’m Vietnamese, we also follow the lunar calendar. As a New Year tradition, children would receive red envelopes filled with money as a symbolism of luck. Like any child, I was anxious for my  aunts and uncles to come visit our family during this time. This only meant one thing- they would come with red envelopes! The most exciting part  was counting how much I’ve received for New Year.

This morning Zoey opened her red envelope from mommy & daddy:

Chinese New Year by Le Zoe Musings

Later, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts (where they were hosting some New Year events) to meet up with her cousin. There, Zoey also received another red envelope from her aunt & uncle.

Chinese New Year 2 by Le Zoe Musings

Aside from watching the dragon parade, Zoey also tried her hands at calligraphy.

Chinese New Year 4 by Le Zoe Musings

This year is the Year of the Sheep. Were you also born in the year of the Sheep (ram/goat)? If you are into Zodiac signs, here are some fun ‘facts’ about your traits:

Chinese New Year 6 by Le Zoe Musings

Chinese New Year 4by Le Zoe Musings

Visit Le Zoe Facebook HERE to see Zoey’s little well-wish video for all her far away aunts & uncles!

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year!



21 thoughts on “Lunar New Year ’15 (Year of the Sheep)

  1. Awww your daughter is such a pretty little lady 💖 You must be very proud! I hope the year will be full of happy moments for you and your family to enjoy. As for me, I am a Sheep and I don’t know what to expect….


  2. I was looking for inspiration on how to show our little models and clothing and stumbled upon your pictures somewhere on pinterest or twitter. Those images are amazing!


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