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Blood Orange with Australian Murray River Salt

Growing up, I always ate grapefruit dipped in a salt & crush red pepper mixture. There was also this- pear dipped in a fish sauce & fresh chilli pepper sauce. The pear had to be super crunchy and sweet; the soft ones won’t work for this type of eating. I know- this may sound strange to you but it’s really good. I swear.

Although the pear paired with the fish sauce concoction might be too alien for you to try, the grapefruit with salt & crush red pepper may not.  Today, I’m sharing another version of it- a friendlier and fancier one. Kept it still very simple.

Blood Orange With Australian Salt  by Le Zoe MusingsBasically, I sprinkled the blood orange with some Australian Murray River salt. These salt flakes are very delicate and light. They won’t overwhelm your taste buds. If you happen to grab really sweet blood oranges  which I did, they are so yummy with the salt addition. Salivating….

Blood Orange With Australian Salt 2  by Le Zoe Musings

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little healthy snack creation inspired by my childhood!

Have a fabulous Friday.




  1. This post reminds me that one of these days I simply MUST try a blood orange (I’m not even sure they sell them in my neck of the woods)!


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