Quiet Mornings

It’s very rare that I can enjoy a peaceful quiet morning by myself. Between mommy duties, home renovations, and work (many exciting new partnerships in the works…), it’s a miracle if I can even shower for more than 15 minutes. Life of a modern mom right?

So when opportunity presents itself, I don’t object. In fact, I wholeheartedly embrace it without shame or guilt. This happened yesterday morning. Unlike this morning when we had to rush Axel to the ER. Who knew that feeding him some healthy peaches would cause him to break out in hives so severe his hands basically doubled in size?! Mr. A, please don’t be mad at mommy, I was just trying to feed you some fruits!

Anyhow, flashback to yesterday morning- I lounged in bed with a hot cup of Chai tea, biscotti, a candle for some zen action, and my poppin notebook that I haven’t been able to live without (thanks JK!).

solo time_le zoe musingsEnjoyed some solo time as I scribbled down content ideas & inspirations. I highly recommend always having a notebook on hand. Ideas can pop up at any time and it’s always helpful to jot them down before they permanently disappear from your memory bank. Unless you have a photographic memory, then I say “Lucky You!”

solo time_le zoe musings 3

solo time_le zoe musings 4Okay, so I’m not going to lie. I also did turn on the TV at the very end for some reality tv catch up time. Sometimes, you just gotta fill your mind with senseless entertainment. I also love love love to watch cooking shows. These are my guiltless pleasures.

solo time_le zoe musings 2If you haven’t found the time to decompress lately, I highly recommend it. Don’t think about it, just do it! Mornings are the best because it gets you ready for the day. Face the world with a fresh mind and some positive energy. It’s very contagious.

What are your guiltless pleasures? Please share!

Btw, below are my TOP 4 posts of all time. Cumulatively, they’ve been pinned thousands of times with hundreds of likes and comments. Enjoy!


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Kellie of Le Zoe Musings_Signature3 bw


13 thoughts on “Quiet Mornings

  1. Guiltless pleasures? Many! The Jewelry Channel is my major one when I just can’t get to sleep at 2:00 am, also reading a great novel late into the night when I know I should be sleeping. Getting new markers for my illustrations or a great writing pen. I love Ink Joy pens:)


  2. There is nothing better than a nice, slow, relaxing morning. Your pictures are so beautiful, I think I might just have to have a slow morning tomorrow!


  3. This might be the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen — so calming! Your sense of design is unbelievable,

    And I wish my guilty pleasures were so picturesque. I don’t think that 6 hours of “Unbreakable” in one day merits a post.


  4. I can’t imagine how nice quiet time is for you! I don’t have kids to worry about and I still enjoy the hour or so on Saturday and Sunday mornings where I enjoy my own quiet space. Hope you get some more soon, it looks perfect. http://www.bustleandrye.com


  5. This is awesome! Just watched a YouTube video on the same subject, about waking up a little early to get my “me-time” in in the morning rather than evening. I never thought about how it’s a great way to start the day, and helps you feel like you’ve already had your personal time so you don’t need to cut your day short to get it later!


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