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Window Inspirations

Happy Sunday! Here are some stunning inspiring windows for your soul.

Click on image for source.


window 6

window 2


window 3

window 4

window 5

windows 7

windows 8

We are taking these inspirations seriously as we are looking into ideas for our window renovations. We are in love with the French windows that open inwards along with the ornate cast iron rails outside. All of these images can also be found on my Pinterest board, Gorgeous Windows. Feel free to follow along HERE.

What do you think about these windows? Please share!

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  1. Beatific inspirations – recently saw a great collection of libraries and bookshelves for home. That seems right in your blogs area.


  2. I had never seen before a post about windows! Sometimes, people focus too much on the interior design and forget the architecture.

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  3. e

    Beautiful! It would be so cool to sit in one of those spaces & just write…


  4. I would love to have such a window with a cupboard underneath it, where you can sit on and watch whatever is happening outside โค


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