Random Abode Notes

Hello! This post is kinda sorta random. There’s  no rhyme or reason. I’ve been so busy with the little troublemakers being sick that I haven’t had a chance to really do anything else at all. My life right now is 100% consumed with taking care of the kiddos and getting them back to being healthy!

Thought it would be fun to share some random tidbits around my abode.

Le Zoe Musings HomeI use these little white cubes to organize and display things in the office. Tiny cute books, wood colored pencils, and candles all have a nice space to call home. And below the cubes is this bar thing (not sure what it’s called) that we’ve attached to the bottom of the cubes. I use this ‘bar thing’ to organize some of my jewels.

Le Zoe Musings Home 2Above is a peek into Zoey & Axel’s play area. To keep things fairly neat, I store all their stuff in open shelves. This way, they can see exactly what they want to grab. Once done, they put the books back into place and throw random toys in storage bins. Zoey is obsessed with all the Disney princesses! She has a little collection of her own.

We also recently got her the Peppa Pig family (under the chalkboard) because she is crazyyyyyy for them.

Le Zoe Musings Home 3My mantel is in desperate need of a Spring makeover. Time to add fresh blooms and all the things that scream freshness! Finally switched out our lucite coffee table with this round marble one. It’s a gorgeous piece and exactly what we’ve been looking for. It’s an antique- A Louis XVI Bouillotte coffee table.

Because I have family visiting this week, I’ve added a little seating area in front of our windows. There’s never enough room to sit when your family is so massive…

Live life beautifully. Enjoy your day.

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