How is it possible that Easter is already around the corner? The weather here in Boston is as cold as ever. Regardless, I’m a mom and as much as I want to hide under the blanket until it’s 70 degrees outside; I can’t. Mommy duties require being really really excited for just about any holiday. The kids don’t care that you’re not feeling enthusiastic. And for their childhood memories’ sake, I have to do my part. That’s to make every holiday as fun and memorable as possible.

Zoey is very excited about the annual Easter egg hunt in our neighborhood. She also loves surprises. Each day, she has several surprises coming her way. There’s a surprise if she brushes her teeth, if she’s good at school, if she eats her dinner, if she reads a book. Sometimes there’s even a surprise just for waking up in the morning. Because you know, waking up is just soooooooooo brutal at times and she’ll have the saddest face in the world to prove it.

Lucky for her, I love giving surprises. I see it as positive reinforcement. Today, I made a very big surprise for her. She’s gonna go crazy when she sees it. A chocolate bird’s nest filled with yummy eggs. Hey, Easter’s coming so I have to work up the excitement!

Chocolate Bird's Nest_ by Le Zoe Musings

The one thing that I would do differently is to put a piece of parchment paper under mound of chocolate (step 4). This will make it a lot easier to remove the chocolate egg nest once it has harden. I had to pry mine off the bowl and almost broke the egg. Another tip? Allow the chocolate to cool down just a tad. My first balloon popped because the chocolate was too hot. Also, if the balloon won’t dip nicely into the melted chocolate, spread the chocolate onto the balloon with a spoon. I had to do this on some parts of the balloon.

Melting chocolate: This may vary depending on how big your balloon is. I start with putting half a cup of chocolate chunks in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 40 secs. Take out and stir. Heat for another 20 secs. Take out & stir again. Repeat the process until the chocolate has fully melted. It took me about 4 cycles of heating. This may vary depending on your microwave. Be careful to not overheat the chocolate otherwise it will become lumpy and grainy. It this case, add oil or butter to fix the consistency.

DIY Chocolate Bird's Nest_ by Le Zoe Musings

So clever and pretty. This is a really fun and simple Easter project to do with your kids.

Chocolate Bird's Nest_ by Le Zoe Musings 3

Hope you’ll give this one a try! Have a great day.

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29 thoughts on “DIY: CHOCOLATE BIRD’S NEST

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  2. I’ve made these “Easter nests” for years and even the adults love to receive them! Mine are a bit different though–I add fresh shredded coconut to the melted chocolate. Gives it a more realistic look and tastes a lot like Mounds candy…


  3. What a great idea! It’s so cute, and it’s edible, which makes everything better XD
    I just got a pack of balloons because I needed one to make something, guess I know now what I’m doing with the rest of the them!


  4. I’m amazed at the creativity you have – first the chocolate/pomegranate hearts and now these?
    To be truly edible, I was think you could use shredded coconut for the nest – I also like the ideas to use smaller balloons for mini nests. Thanks Kellie for yet another great idea!


      1. Wow to have inspired you!! I’m flattered. You can always do them again for Easter this weekend. πŸ˜‰
        Keep up the creativity. Your activities for your children remind me of fond times with my mom growing up.


  5. I love that! I would like to make small ones.
    My daughter will be 16 in May but I still pull out her Thumper Easter basket that she had since a toddler and give her surprises too.

    We do love our kids! Xoxo


  6. Fun idea! I know some little ones who would love this!

    Not to put a damper on things, but just make sure you don’t serve this to anyone with a latex allergy. Having worked in a hospital where latex balloons were prohibited due to allergy concerns, I’m afraid I always think about this when I see balloons used in food preparation.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t risk it for someone with a latex allergy because the balloon and the chocolate would still be in such close proximity. If you use a latex balloon, always let the people you are serving know this; you never know who may have an allergy. (I am not in any way a medical expert, just someone who is aware of how serious latex allergies can be.) Personally, I have some rounded glass bowls that I might cover in plastic wrap and try this with. I like the concept but am not keen on using a balloon. Not sure if I’d need to lightly oil the plastic or not; something to research!


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