Carpe Diem

Almost everywhere I go, my little notebook goes with me. I don’t have just one, I actually have many. I’m a little obsessed with adorable petite notebooks that can easily be tucked in my handbag. The latest one that I have is this tiny white leather bound notebook with the saying “Carpe Diem” on it. Not only is it my obsession because of the rose gold print letters, but the meaning “Seize the Day” makes me happy. Believe it or not, it gives me motivation. When the day feels drab, it’ll remind me to make the most of the moment. We all do the same things, it’s how we do them that make us uniquely so.

Carpe Diem_Le Zoe Musings

Every day is a marathon, just trying catch my breath, and making it until the kids’ bedtime. I’m losing memory and concentration so having a notebook handy is always a life saver. If you can see through the pages of all my notebooks, you’ll see lots of scribbles for content ideas and inspirations. The beauty of it all is that everything around me is an inspiration. One thing leads to another and the final outcome is what you see here on the pages of Le Zoe Musings.

Carpe Diem_Le Zoe Musings2

Today’s weather seems a bit Spring worthy so a light jacket sufficed. I’m looking forward to those days where I can throw on a flowy dress and go about my day. Layers, I’m done with you!

Carpe Diem_Le Zoe Musings3Carpe Diem_Le Zoe Musings5

What do you carry around that keeps you going? Please share.

And don’t forget to “Seize the Day!”

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23 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Loved the idea. 😀
    Just a suggestion:
    Go to Settings>Sharing, and select the checkbox – Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results
    Now if someone visits your blog, he/she may like the post without opening the post separately. It will help you get more likes on the blog.


  2. Little notebooks have always fascinated me, too. I carried one for years. Thank goodness for the iPhone and Evernote! Now a little talking to the brick in my pocket and there’s a reminder for a future blog entry! Sometimes I even compose an entry there.

    Thanks for the blog, Kellie!


  3. I’m yet to get into the habit of always having a notebook on me – I often forget it – but I have a literal box-full in my wardrobe, mostly pretty ones grabbed at a sale. If I ever forget them, it goes on my schoolwork somewhere or on my phone… 🙂


  4. Looove the photos , outfit and ofc the notebook. I also have a lot of notebooks, can’t get enought of them ! 🙂


  5. Such a wonderful idea! You must leave the house with a notebook because creative ideas can pop up any second and you would not want to miss out *.*

    Your style is so elegant and inspirational

    Stay rad lovely



  6. Completely with you in loving to have a notebook with me at all times. I currently love my Black n’ Red, but I’m jealous of the Carpe Diem reminder.

    Thanks for the inspiration. And now I’m off to continue seizing the day!


  7. Love the idea of taking a little notbook with you everywhere! From the sounds of it you have a lot of notebookes probably filled with awesome inspirational things 🙂


  8. i love the outfit! i usually carry a little planner with me, just incase i need to jot something down. i’m a fashion and fitness blogger. if you get a chance, come check out my blog! i just followed your blog! looking forward to your future posts! hopefully you like my posts and follow as well! ❤


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