Infused Peach Iced Tea + Iced Tea Maker

The urge for hot tea sipping tendencies is slowly diminishing as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer. It’s time to transition back to those iced teas again. When Compassion Tea Co. sent me their ingenious iced tea maker and some packets of black peach teas, I became an expert at making iced tea. For realzzz. The iced tea maker comes with the infuser so everything that you would need to make the perfect glass of iced tea is at your fingertips.

After steeping the black peach tea for the recommended amount of time, I removed the infuser and added a handful of ice along with some colorful slices of strawberries, nectarines, lime, and a few mint leaves. And because I like sweet iced tea, I also added sugar. The combination is robust, energizing, refreshing, and sooo delish!

Infused Peach Iced Tea_Le Zoe Musings 3

If you are a tea lover and love helping others, please check out Compassion Tea Company. They donate all of their after tax profits to a charity that brings health and healing to individuals and communities alike in rural Africa. Their mission is to “Inspire Compassion through Sharing Tea.” 

So if you are going to buy tea anyways, buy them from a company that gives back- 100%!


Just another thing to add to my tea space! In case you’ve missed it, please click HERE to see how the diy tea space came to life. It all started with a thrifted find!

Infused Peach Iced Tea_Le Zoe Musings 2

The thing that I love most about this iced tea maker is that once you’ve removed the infuser, it basically becomes an iced tea pitcher. Who doesn’t love versatility?!

Infused Peach Iced Tea_Le Zoe Musings

Diggin’ this iced tea maker as much as I do? Well, I’ve teamed up with Compassion Tea Co. to give you a chance to win one (plus 4 packets of black peach tea). Please see entry details below.


Please check out all the goodies that Compassion Tea Co. has to offer here. Click HERE to go to their online store. 

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28 thoughts on “Infused Peach Iced Tea + Iced Tea Maker

  1. Liked and followed on Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson
    I like adding mint or basil leaves or fresh lemon.


  2. I’ve been making my own home-grown mint and strawberry tea for a while, and just started growing chamomile to see what yummy combinations I can make from there! Do you think vanilla and grapefruit would be good?? A cool tea infuser would be awesome to expand upon my hobby!


  3. i would add strawberries and lemon to any herbal tea. i also think raspberry tea or green tea would taste good with kiwi


  4. Two things – 1. that tea sounds AMAZING. 2. SO inspired by your tea space! I might need to make my own mini space, we do have room in our kitchen/dining area that I have yet to figure out what to do with…


  5. Got SO excited by this post … and then saw that you had to be a US citizen to enter.
    Therefore, as an Aussie, I can’t enter. 😦


  6. Love infusers!!! I’ve always loved peach but am now into mango, pineapple orange (using honey as the sweetener). Been doing smoothies of late. Spring has arrived with the morning Robin songs……lovin’ it!!!! Admire such companies as Compassion and what they are accomplishing!!!!!


  7. There are too many combos of teas running through my head right now, but I think I would have to make sure that mint is part of them all! Probably a mint and pineapple combo. Or a mint and mango…. Possibly some orange and lime thrown in there too 🙂 Love the pics and this versatility of the tea maker! This would be the perfect addition to my tea collection.


  8. I think it would taste amazing to combine:
    black tea + mango
    green tea + strawberry
    white tea + peach + tangerine
    & green tea + blueberry + mint.


  9. Love me some sweet tea! Kellie u look gorgeous as always! I would have to say mango peach strawberry with mint or orange sage coconut!


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