Yogurt: Six Ways

If you are starving and can probably eat a horse, I suggest you stop reading this (until you’ve filled your tummy with some nutrients). It’s like you don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Just a no no.

Yogurt is the ONE thing that we always have in our fridge. Like always. We prefer the Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt. It comes in a variety of flavors. And like Zoey would say “So yummy in my tummy!” with the cheesiest face possible. I figured a way to step it up a notch (because I’m spontaneous & cool). Actually six ways to make it less boring and even more delish!

Yogurt 6 Ways_Le Zoe Musings 3

Yogurt 6 Ways_Le Zoe Musings 2
Aren’t these soo drool-worthy? You’re probably dying to know the toppings on them and you may have guessed on some. There are a few however, that may take you by surprise…

Yogurt 6 Ways_Le Zoe Musings

The dark chocolate + sprinkles one is for Zoey because that child lovessss chocolate. Which one is your fav?

Yogurt 6 Ways_Le Zoe Musings 5

So when you’re dying for a healthy snack, grab a yogurt and put a topping on it. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kellie of Le Zoe Musings_Signature3 bw


35 thoughts on “Yogurt: Six Ways

  1. Your photography is truly beautiful. Thanks for stopping by eve’s apple! ~Marisa (mcproco.wordpress.com)


  2. Beautiful and delicious looking. This also reminds me of how much I love generous dollops of yogurt on savory foods as well -anything-curried beets, garbanzo beans and sauteed onions, wonderful. (This, however, does not whet my son’s appetite.)

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  3. They look amazing! I love OIKOS too 🙂 I buy the regular flavor with fruit topic at the bottom… Nom nom nom!

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  4. These looks really delicious 🙂
    I use Greek Yoghurt too, but Natural and without sugar, with Müsli made of cereals, nuts and dry fruit. I think the one with strawberry looks great 😀


  5. I. Love. Yogurt. I literally eat it every single night before bed to the point that it’s become a ritual, haha! Love these ideas, I was getting a little bored of the mix in’s I’ve been using lately!

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