Ceramic Egg Crate Jewelry Holder

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend. For me, it was all about Spring cleaning! I was at it like a crazy mad woman. Don’t you just get so frustrated and irritated when you start clearing everything out? Like, why on earth did I buy this or that? But the end result is very satisfying. It’s like you can breathe all over again. I’m all about being a minimalist nowadays. I just want my space to be cleared of every single thing. I’ve been so done with clutter like yesterday.

And so it leads up to this post. Somehow my jewelry keeps accumulating into a bowl. No matter how many times I declutter and reorganize, they end up in the same place. The bowl. I needed to find a way to display them neatly where I can actually see the jewels. Being a hoarder that I am, I had this egg crate that’s been laying around uselessly. Well not anymore…

Ceramic Egg Crate Jewelry Holder by Le Zoe Musings 2

I’m loving my new ‘jewelry organizer’. It holds rings, earrings, chain necklaces and bracelets. Anything that makes my life feels more aligned, I’m up for – even if its original purpose wasn’t properly utilized.

Ceramic Egg Crate Jewelry Holder by Le Zoe Musings

You never know what you’ll come up with when you think outside the box. How do you like this idea? Please share!

Have a good one…

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28 thoughts on “Ceramic Egg Crate Jewelry Holder

  1. Brilliant idea. I have my jewelleryin different pots. I can never find the ones I want quickly this would be perfect. Time get thinking. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Something else you can use is the Ferrero Rocher boxes. Yes, chocolate boxes! They’re shaped like egg crates and they’re already in GOLD. I use it to organize my nail polish bottles and jewellery, in exactly the same way you did. Great minds (:

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