Cherry Blossoms In My Dining Room

Although we live in the city, we are lucky enough to have a ginormous cherry tree in our backyard. This past weekend, my husband pruned the tree and got rid of many dead branches. He also clipped some that were not dead but needed trimming so we brought them into the house. I made two huge arrangements. One for the living room and the other for our dining room mantel as seen below.

Cherry Blossoms in Dining Room by Le Zoe Musings3
If you could look outside our dining room windows, you would see the cherry tree with its blossoms hovering against our windows. It’s the most gorgeous view in the house at the moment.

Cherry Blossoms in Dining Room by Le Zoe Musings
My husband sewed these French pleated curtains. The sheer panels are so perfect for the space as they allow plenty of light to shine through. Yea, you read it right- my husband can sew! He’s the most self-sufficient, handy man person on earth. We are really two peas in a pod.

Cherry Blossoms in Dining Room by Le Zoe Musings2
Cherry blossoms are so gorgeous, delicate, stunning, and such a breath of fresh air. Just like us women!

Cherry Blossoms in Dining Room by Le Zoe Musings4

Cherry Blossoms in Dining Room by Le Zoe Musings5

I’ll relish these moments as much as I can because their blooms will only last for a week or so. Hope you’ve enjoyed this home decor post.

For those of you who are following my home renovation journey, we still have so much more to go. Our next huge project right now is our main kitchen (yes, we have two). We just got our massive chandelier for the space (seen on instragram here). I’ll share as many home decor projects as I can along the way. If you are a tea lover, you’d enjoy this DIY Tea Space post as seen HERE.

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Happy Monday!

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19 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms In My Dining Room

  1. So Gorgeous!! I love it. Enjoy the blossoms. They look absolutely stunning. Also, great taste in decor by the way :).


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