Flashback Friday: Mommy & Me

We all live for that one moment. For me, it was when Zoey came into our lives. We couldn’t have been more prepared for her arrival. We were financially, physically, and emotionally stable. Then she arrived and basically rocked our world. Threw us for a loop.

Sleepless nights, endless cries, skin rashes, emergency visits, feeding challenges, etc. It was everything and nothing that I’ve expected all at once.

Because of her, I’ve experienced the worst heartaches and best heartfelt moments. The worst moment of my life came just last year, when she was in a bicycle accident and basically split her forehead open. Going into surgery and seeing her suffer through eight stitches was probably the lowest point of my parenthood experience. She’s fully recovered now and the scar is barely visible. I was very adamant about properly taking care of her scar for six straight months since it was in the middle of her forehead.

And then there are many many highlights. Like before falling asleep, she’ll say “Mommy, you are my best friend and true love. Don’t leave me.” And very silly moments like when she’ll promise me to be a good girl, she’ll reiterate “And when I promise, I never break my promise. EVER.”

So this Flashback Friday, I’m sharing some of our experiences together as Mommy & Me!

le zoe musings5

Zoey’s first Christmas.

le zoe musings

At the lover’s bridge in Paris.

le zoe musings6

Daddy had a conference and took us to Marco Island. Zoey fell ill for most of the trip.

le zoe musings92

Clapping for the red door in France.

le zoe musings2

My second Eiffel Tower experience. Her first. (preggos with Mr. Axel, but had no idea!)

le zoe musings8

On our annual foliage trip.

le zoe musings4

Overlooking the Boston Harbor.

le zoe musings3

On our annual apple picking adventure.

le zoe musings7

We both love macarons!

le zoe musings10

And here we were at my baby shower celebrating the arrival of baby Axel. Zoey was such a tough tough baby that we thought we would definitely have it good the next time around!

le zoe musings94

Boy, did Mr. Axel proved us wrong!

Happy Friday!

Anddddddddd...see Zoey’s recent video clip HERE

Kellie of Le Zoe Musings_Signature bw2


21 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Mommy & Me

  1. You guys are so beautiful together! And coming from the bearer of a split forehead scar, it’s actually something I wish was more visible! Mine is almost completely gone, and I kind of miss it! 🙂


  2. This is so special. Your family is beautiful and the pictures show the love in your eyes as a mommy! I love this post! Thanks for sharing :).


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