Rice Pudding With Macarons & Sprinkles

Zoey has a serious serious sweet tooth but which 3 yr. old doesn’t? Instead of giving her chocolates and other sweets (as a reward), I’ve encouraged her to try rice pudding. She has learned to really love it and now the Kozy Shack Simply Well pudding has become such a staple in our home. The key is that I have to make it appealing. Mommy has some tricks up her sleeves. I have to play around with the toppings. My last post on rice pudding consisted of strawberries & granola. Let’s face it, children are attracted to colorful things and Zoey cannot resist sprinkles and macarons!

Rice Pudding with Macarons and Sprinkles by Le Zoe Musings

Kozy Shack’s rice pudding is just a ‘better-for-you’ snacking choice. It’s a great alternative to all those chocolate bars!

Rice Pudding with Macarons and Sprinkles by Le Zoe Musings 2

To learn more about this guilt-free pudding, please click HERE.

Visit Kozy Shack on instagram.

Happy Monday!

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16 thoughts on “Rice Pudding With Macarons & Sprinkles

  1. Oh yummmm! This is better than a chocolate or different sweet treat reward! This is gorgeous and sounds amazingly delicious. If I was your child I would behave just so you would make me these. πŸ™‚ This is ta king rice pudding to a whole new level of yum! Thanks for sharing and cheers! β™‘


  2. Macaroons are just so very pretty and dainty and girly! Love them! My daughter also has a sweet tooth and her 1.5 year old self inhales all the “tooties” (cookies!) we will give her! I’ll have to try rice pudding, although we also use yogurt and smoothies!


  3. Yummy! I love the Kozy Shack rice pudding, love rainbow sprinkles (especially on a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone!) and love macaroons! I never thought of combing all three. What a great idea not only for kids but for adults like me with a sweet tooth. Great post!!


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