Three Flavored Water Perfectly Fit For All Occasions (A Brit + Co. Feature)

I’m so thrilled to share that my collaboration with Brit + Co is live today! Brit + Co is an amazing “online media and e-commerce platform that provides tools to teach, inspire, and enable creativity among women and girls.”

When they asked me to contribute to their site, I was more than honored. Together, we brainstormed content ideas and came up with “flavored water”. Being the creative person that I am, I came up with three flavored (and gorgeoussss) water that you can serve and enjoy anytime. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, looking for a refreshing bubbly thirst quencher, or just want to detox your system; there’s a flavored water fit for the occasion. The goal was to get people to drink more water because that’s really really important! … Right?

Le Zoe Musings + Brit + Co 2

Below’s the first flavored water that I’ve curated for Brit + Co. For the rest, you’ll have to head on over to their site…

Flower Water By Le Zoe Musings2

This is Flower Water made with edible flower iced cubes and rose syrup.

Flower Water By Le Zoe Musings3

Add edible flower petals to your ice cube trays with water.  Once they’re frozen, pop them into your water. Finish off by stirring in just a drop or two of rose syrup. You can also garnish with fresh edible flowers to give it more dimension. Just remember to use only edible flowers that haven’t been sprayed with pesticide.

Flower Water By Le Zoe Musings

Do give this a try! And please head over to Brit + Co. HERE for more flavored water recipes by yours truly. Let me know what you think… Happy Tuesday!

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22 thoughts on “Three Flavored Water Perfectly Fit For All Occasions (A Brit + Co. Feature)

  1. It’s beautiful, but I am not familiar with which petals/flowers are edible. Is that posted on Brit & Co. site? Or any chance you could you provide here?? For instance I’d always been told that roses were poisonous, but you used the here. Appreciate the help!


  2. I just started planning my next event based off your water idea. So simple, chic and great for you!


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