Milk Slushy + Cookies

Milk & cookies. It’s one of those things that’s sort of comforting and nostalgic. It reminds me of those youthful years. Remember playing in the playground until the sun sets after school and then walking home with your cousins and friends? Milk & cookies bring back the same carefree memories for me.

My kids have been enjoying lots of milk & cookies lately too. But since the weather’s been so scorching hot, even cold milk doesn’t seem refreshing enough. Why not make some milk slushy instead?

Millk Slushy and Cookies by Le Zoe Musings

Milk slushy is way easy. It’s just blended ice and milk.

Millk Slushy and Cookies by Le Zoe Musings3

You basically get the same taste combination but there’s a bonus. It’s much more refreshing and your kids will think that they’re eating ice cream!

Millk Slushy and Cookies by Le Zoe Musings2

I hope you’ll give this a try!

Happy Friday!!

Kellie of Le Zoe Musings_Signature bw2


13 thoughts on “Milk Slushy + Cookies

  1. hey! I love all of your photography and styling. It really draws attention to the food and makes the best use of backgrounds settings. Can you share with us what camera and lens you normally use and which settings?


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