My Bedroom: A Safe & Happy Place

You might think that I’m lucky and I have everything. Well, yes that’s true. I’m very lucky and I do have everything…

Everything that makes me happy– my kids, an amazing hubs, the good health of my loved ones, the memories of my childhood, and the traditions that we are now creating as a family. The truth is I’m happy with what I have. Take away all the fancy gibberish and it doesn’t matter. You’re not a fool. I bet you’re thinking “That’s easy for her to say.” Well, what you may not know is that I’ve come from a place of having nothing. Both my husband and I did. Growing up, me and my five sisters shared ONE bed.

But the happiest memories for me are mostly from my childhood. Making presents for my sisters because we couldn’t afford to buy them. Raking the autumn leaves into a pile and jumping into it only to realize we had to rake them all over again! Getting excited whenever my dad brought home McDonald’s; this usually means he just got home from a month long fishing trip (that was one of his not so fun jobs to provide for us).

My husband came from very a similar humble background. While kids his age didn’t have a care in the world; he cleaned bathrooms at a law firm to earn money.

So, you see, life is really what you make of it. It’s how you allow your surroundings to make you feel. Despite not having much, I truly always felt safe and happy as a child. Today, I’m sharing tidbits of my bedroom. A much fancier space than what I grew up in but it brings back the same feelings for me- safe and happy.

My Bedroom Tidbits By Le Zoe Musings

As you may already know, our home is going through some major renovations. Our bedroom is nowhere near what we want it to be. It may take a while to get there…

My Bedroom Tidbits By Le Zoe Musings 2

I love my bedroom for lounging in bed with the two adorable munchkins and hubs in the mornings, watching movies with the mentioned party of 3 during the weekends, and of course enjoying some solo mommy time! Don’t we all need and deserve it?!

My Bedroom Tidbits By Le Zoe Musings 5

My Bedroom Tidbits By Le Zoe Musings 3

Ecstatic to share that the peonies from our garden are finally making their debut!

My Bedroom Tidbits By Le Zoe Musings 4

This ‘vase’ is actually an acrylic hand soap dispenser. The pump broke so I’m repurposing it. Loving how it looks!

My Bedroom Tidbits By Le Zoe Musings 7

My Bedroom Tidbits By Le Zoe Musings 6

I often ask my husband “Is this really our life? Can you believe Zoey is our daughter?” Because amid our successes, it’s still hard to believe this is OUR life.Β  It may be fate. It may be luck. But it’s also a lot of hard work, sacrifices, and determination to get where we are now.

My Bedroom Tidbits By Le Zoe Musings 9

Just remember to always smile. It’ll get you through anything. I hope you can find your happy and safe place.

Happy Tuesday!

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25 thoughts on “My Bedroom: A Safe & Happy Place

  1. Thanks for sharing your childhood and your memories, Kellie. I also came from a pretty humble family, but I’ve always missed my childhood and all the routines that gave me comfort and security. it’s truly a gift!


  2. This is a great post. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I also hail from a hardworking immigrant background and it’s important to never forget that. My lifestyle has been majorly impacted by my parents’ sacrifices and hopes. Cheers to remembering and celebrating future successes :).


  3. I have kearnt in my life that without a “happy and safe place” the worries and burdens if this life will make us crumble literally. Because nibody is built to withstand it all without revival once in a while. Inspirational piece


  4. So happy for you dearest! Wishing you and your family lots of love and happiness always xx
    P.S Your bedroom is perfect, loving the peonies…x


  5. Of course its a very fancy bedroom and your photography is amazing as always.. but its your little inspirational story that makes this post special! Looking at all your beautifully photographed fancy pictures, I would have never ever imagined that you have had a not so fancy life at one point.. and the best part is how far you’ve reached.. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the inspiration! ❀ πŸ™‚


  6. what a gorgeous bedroom and what a lovely story. My husband and I just bought a house recently and we are in the process of remodeling too — actually more like interviewing lots and lots of contractors. It makes us think not too long ago we were struggling ourselves, there was a time both of us experienced unemployment — not at the same time though. Every time I walk into my house, it does make me say “wow, we went through a lot and now we’re here.”


  7. Love your post and pics! I, too, come from humble beginnings and have awesome memories of good food and family. Thank you for the post. I love natural light.


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