The Skinny Cleanse Giveaway! Ends June 23rd

As much as we all know how important fruits and vegetables are for us, it’s a challenge to feed our bodies the recommended servings all the time. There are constant obstacles- deadlines to meet, kids craving for more attention, the list goes on and on…

In the meantime, it’s just easier to grab something quick to eat. Sometimes, that ‘quick bite’ is not always the healthiest. Overtime, you may feel sluggish and crave for a system reset.


When Raw Generation Juices suggest that I try their 3-day Skinny Cleanse; I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity. It was my chance to detox my system with the rawest and purest ingredients. Their raw juice combinations taste delicious, refreshing, and PURE.


Craving for a detox? Here’s your chance to win this 3-day Skinny Cleanse system. It consists of 18 juice bottles- all made of pure goodness. Six bottles each day (numbered so you’ll know the order). You can juice during the day and eat dinner each night.


Get your juice game on! Giveaway details at end of post…

5 IMG_4925rp

Please visit Raw Generation Jucies online site HERE. They were so gracious enough to offer LZM readers 60% OFF! Just enter code LEZOE at checkout. 

The Skinny Cleanse

Entering this giveaway is easy. Just log in with any of the accounts below. Please 18yrs + and US readers only. Good luck!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.58.49 PM

Have a great day!

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20 thoughts on “The Skinny Cleanse Giveaway! Ends June 23rd

  1. All the cleanses look like they taste great and are good for you. Will help on my journey to better health.


  2. I would like to try I’ve been trying to lose weight but nothing seems to be working so please help me.


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  4. These juices sound deeeelish! I recently started working out again with my boyfriend and this cleanse will definitely help me get the summer abs I want! Good luck everyone ❤


  5. This is incredible! I’ve been wanting to try a juice cleanse like this for a really long time but have never had the opportunity.
    I hope I’ve found it today!
    Thanks for doing this!


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