The Popsicle Theme

As the brand ambassador of Graham & Brown, an international wallpaper company; I was presented with the challenge of interpreting what this month’s theme, Popsicle, meant to me. When I think of popsicles, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously my younger years. Remember that ice cream truck and its playful carefree melody going around the neighborhood? We would gather all of our coins (aka savings) and wait impatiently everyday anticipating  when the truck would make its rounds.

Graham and Brown Wallpaper

Speaking of the younger years, I think these Graham & Brown children’s wallpapers are perfect for any kid’s room. I especially love the gold frame ones (bottom right). It’s perfect for creating an artwork wall that’s casual and fun. Zoey loves to draw so ‘framing’ all her work would be ideal there. That way, she doesn’t have to claim one of my bedroom walls as her own! You can see all of G&B children’s wallpapers HERE.

I can’t speak of the Popsicle theme without actually making popsicles. That wouldn’t be right. I introduced my kids to these fish popsicles recently and they were thrilled. First off, it’s the excitement of not knowing which kind of fish they’re gonna get. There’s a whale, shark, clownfish, blowfish, octopus, and even a scuba diver. Secondly, I made the popsicles extremely healthy so I don’t mind if they devour three all at once!


The flavors include 1. beets and strawberries 2. carrots and oranges. 3. kale, pineapple, and green apples


When you think of ‘popicles’ what comes to mind? Please share…

Happy Tuesday!

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