Hello from sunny Florida! I took the two kiddos on a surprise trip to visit my family and unfortunately, the surprise was on me! When I got there, half of my family were going away on previously committed trips. When you have so many family members, it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts.

It’s still nice to be back home and for the kids to see their grandparents. But with a full agenda planned and having to watch over the kids 24/7, I’m kinda regretting that I left without the hubs for so long. Axel has been so needy and whiny. I can barely leave him alone for five minutes before he’s all up in my grill. I swear, he’s not like this at all back home!!

So next time I’ll know when planning three photoshoots, working on a room makeover, and keeping up with daily blog contents and emails; it’s not wise to have your children attach to your hip every single minute of the day.

Just breathe is what I have to remind myself!

Below is a photo journal of our FL journey so far…

Le Zoe Musings_Instagram

Le Zoe Musings_Instagram2

Working from my sister X’s home office…

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5 thoughts on “#JustBreathe

  1. As nightmarishly tiring as that all sounds, I still envy you a bit. Once my dream begins to take form in reality though, I’ll be right there with you; busy, tired but loving life nonetheless. Have a wonderful time with the kids and keep taking those lovely pictures. ^_^


  2. Have a great time away with the kids, Kellie! Maybe the little one will get into the swing of things before it’s time to come back. 😀


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