Not Always Easy

It’s not always easy to balance deadlines, work partnerships, and mommyhood. Life behind the scenes is always much more hectic and chaotic than what appears to be on those beautifully laid out photographs. While working on a major collaboration a few weeks ago, Zoey was waiting and waiting and waitinggg on mommy.

She finally had had it and said “Mommy, that’s enough!” As things were just wrapping up, she with her pouty self wouldn’t let me go. Everything halted. We took a minute to hug it out and then life was all good again.

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Sometimes, I get into the zone and everything around me fades into this background noise.  Zoey to get my attention would say “Mommy, listen to me!” That definitely brings me back to earth and makes me realize what’s important. Yes, we as modern moms want to conquer everything. It’s definitely not easy…

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How do you balance mommy duties while fulfilling your role as a working mom?

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12 thoughts on “Not Always Easy

  1. As the mom of 7 children with a home based business and a blogging “hobby” thrown in the mix, I understand how difficult it is to keep your life in balance. I’ll never forget the first time my youngest child, now five years old, said to me, “Listen with your EYES, Momma!” Now *that* is a wake-up call. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. It’s hard but I think we all find our own balance-what works for some may not work for others. And as an empty nester, I find that I miss those hectic mommy moments.


  3. Always remember what a great role model you are to your children – especially Zoe. She will grow up strong, independent and empowered watching you collaborate on so many inspiring projects at home and at work. My girls are 15 now and I am only just beginning to realise just how powerful an influencer l have been on moulding the way they approach life and interact with others. I’m so proud of the women they are about to become as I am sure you will be of Zoe.


  4. When I was working full time, and added a second job from home…I had to prioritize my days and evenings…mothers, I was a single mom, so I had to give up a lot to be there for my children, I went without the down time I so needed and gave it to my kids…whether we played games, cooked together or went to the beach…I took deep breathes, extra vitamins, and knew that one day they would be grown and I could have my moment then… and I look back and am soooo happy I did….they mean everything to me…..raising children is certainly a 24/7 deal… time off….


    1. Wow. I commend you for being a single mother. I always wonder how you do it because raising kids is the hardest job on earth. Certainly a role model for us all! Kellie


      1. Thanks…better to be single than in a bad situation, much calmer home life for my kids…you do what you have to do to make ends meet…but no matter my children came first….they are both married and living wonderful life’s at this time….makes me a very proud mummie….


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