Hello Pink

I love dressing up my decorative trays. I have a handful of different sorts around the house. My husband would call these unnecessary cluttering objects but I beg to differ. In fact, they keep things sooo organized and pretty. My faves right now are the acrylic trays which I find here and there at stores such as HomeGoods. I love digging for gems. And for good deals. I call this respecting your money.

As of late, I’m mildly obsessed with all things pink, blush, and such. Can you think of more feminine and soft hues? Here are the little things on my acrylic tray that’s making me oh so happy!

Hello Pink by Le Zoe Musings

Organizing your tray around a theme will make everything more cohesive. Your theme can be jewels, makeup, office supplies, or based on a color scheme which is what mine is right now.

Hello Pink by Le Zoe Musings 2

I bought this book solely for the gorgeous illustrations. Again, the hubs would categorize this as clutter. Again, I beg to differ. Packaging is everything. It makes or breaks a brand. The cover of a book is the same. Using books as home decorative objects is a must. He’s a smart man but I think I’m definitely right on this one.

Hello Pink by Le Zoe Musings 3

Go and organize your favorite items on a decorative tray. It’ll make you smile.

Happy Thursday!

Kellie Van signature Le Zoe Musings


10 thoughts on “Hello Pink

  1. Like you I love trays….I have several myself…..in my kitchen I use trays to keep my olive oils and different salad oils on and then on the counter a pretty rose patterned tray to hold my husbands odds and ends he leaves on the counter, he has even learned to put them on the tray…lol and then in the piano room I have another old rose pattern tray with some old crystal bowls full of agates and other rocks I collected sitting on it…I think its pretty….and that’s just a few…..I, like you think that little trays holding stuff around the house are pretty..feminine and handy to keep stuff all together….my husband thinks I am crazy… love your pictures….


  2. Definitely with you on using trays and books as decorative art! Great idea to keep everything cohesive though – mine always get a bit crazy with the crazy amount of jewelry and makeup products I leave out and about throughout the week, ha! That being said, “The Preppy Handbook” will always remain on display. Both because I love it’s tartan plaid cover, and because the book is an absolutely hilarious read!


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