Donut Birthday Cake (A Brit + Co Feature)

Happy Thursday everyone! Check out Brit + Co’s #1 must read, my post on how to make a nontraditional birthday cake. It’s the Donut Birthday Cake! If you or your kids are donut lovers; you’ve hit the jackpot.


Making this donut birthday cake is a breeze. Please click HERE to get the scoop on how it’s done.

Donut Birthday Cake by Le Zo Musings

And…the best part is the surprise fillings inside! So perfect for a kid’s birthday.

Kellie Van signature Le Zoe Musings


4 thoughts on “Donut Birthday Cake (A Brit + Co Feature)

  1. Kellie, I have always loved your blog because you are so creative and have the most amazing photos and ideas. But the product placements — brands of berries, tea, detergent, popsicle makers, cherry pitters, etc., all with companies counting the click-throughs from your blog, obviously — keep increasing in number, and are making me lose interest, I am sorry to say.


    1. Sarah- I’m so sorry to hear that. Brand partnerships are an integral part of Le Zoe Musings not only to help keep the content new and exciting but also important for the growth of the blog. As LZM reaches more readers, the number of brand collaboration inquiries also steadily grow and I try to hone in on the ones that I truly believe in and know that my readers would enjoy. For example, the recent partnerships with a couple of popsicle brands stem from my love of making all sorts of creative and delicious popsicles during summertime. The winners of these giveaways have personally expressed their excitement about the products and can’t wait to try all the popsicle recipes for themselves. On the other hand, I do understand where you are coming from. I try to keep it all at a balance and I hope that you’ll continue to come to LZM for ideas and inspirations. Have a great one! Kellie

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