Inspiring Kids’ Spaces

I am always seeking for inspirations. This time, I put my efforts toward everything kid-related. I can’t wait to give Zoey and Axel their dream bedroom makeover. It has to be part functional part magical.

Here are a few gorgeous kid friendly spaces that you can totally go ga-ga over. All taken from my Pinterest, board Precious Cargo.


Kids spacevia

kids space 2via

kids space 3via

kids space 4via

kids space 5via

Kids space 6via

kids space 7via

kids space 8via

kids space 9via

kids space 10via

kids space 11via

kids space 12via

kids space 13via

What are your thoughts on these spaces? Please share!

For more daily inspirations, please follow my Pinterest HERE. Happy Thursday!

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4 thoughts on “Inspiring Kids’ Spaces

  1. I love all of these inspirations!!! Especially the one with the faux fire place and the tiny bearskin! I also love the one with the chalkboard. I’ve always imagined making my children’s rooms like this, but worry that nothing this pretty will stay that was for very long (they are kids, after all). But these all seem like great GENDER NEUTRAL ❤ ideas that just might stand the test of time…and tiny bodies. 🙂


  2. My favorite is the one with the chalkboard wall. I plan on doing the same thing for my kids. It’s like giving them a way to contribute to their room’s decor while allowing them to change it as their interests and imaginations change. 🐱


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